40% Off For Black Fri-Yay! + FREE Stuff

ūüíė Hey Arrowettes! You know what day it is!! ūüíį Here are the deets for my Black Fri-Yay $ale:
– 40% off with code BLACK

-Free lilac Unicone pin with every order! ūü¶Ąūüć¶

– $100+ orders get a free gold foil Lovely Lady print! ‚ú®

– Free Priority shipping on orders $50+

This is my biggest sale of the year – don’t miss out, inventory is limited. Happy shopping! ūüõć



PDX Pop-up & Instagram Meet n’ Greet!

Hey Portland lovelies!

I’ll be in your neck of the woods this Saturday November 21st for a fun little pop-up at this INSANELY cute Alberta neighborhood store, Darling Distraction. Joining me from¬†Los Angeles will be candy stylin’ guru Natasha from Violet Tinder. If you’re not a procrastinator (unlike myself) now would be the perfect time to get a head start on your holiday shopping. There will be drinks and a whole lotta cool stuff to look at. I’ll have an assortment of holiday cards & gift tags, PLUS my line of pins to include my newest creations: Cry Baby Patch and Pissed Alien Girl Pin (who now GLOWS in the DARK!!!)

Please join us! I’d love to meet¬†some new faces in person, and of course see a few¬†familiar faces as well. Party starts at 2 and goes until 5. Hope to see you there!!

Darling Distraction – 4936 NE 16th Avenue, Portland





Weirdo Chic: Sequins Are The New Black

It seems like sequins are all the rage nowadays. But not just your run-of-the-mill 1950’s retro glam sequins – no, these sequins are MUCH weirder. In fact, it seems like the uglier and weirder the piece of clothing is, the better. And by ugly and weird I mean outrageously cool. Ya follow?

You probably saw¬†the VMA’s¬†this year, and so you are well aware of Miley’s closing performance including¬†her entourage of super rad drag queens.¬†I found out later the designer she worked with for their costumes totally ripped off a pretty well known small Australian¬†designer. When I saw the performance live I actually assumed it was Discount Universe, but found out later (via their instagram) that Miley worked with US designer¬†Brad ‘BCalla’ Callahan,¬†who obviously knocked them off. Lame.

Anyways, gossip aside, I really love this look. I have those Pared sunglasses, and I have to say they are FABULOUS.

What do you guys think of this trend? Love it or leave it?




  1. Pu$$y Cat Crop Top – Discount Universe
  2. Mermaid Sequin Biker Jacket – Isolated Heroes
  3. Sheer Tears Sequin Dress – Isolated Heroes
  4. Eyes Bra – Discount Universe
  5. Chiara Ferragni Flirting Iphone 6 Case – available at Nasty Gal
  6. Kohls & Kaftans Rose Tinted Iridescent Rhinestone Sunnies – Pared Eyewear
  7. Nine To Five Crop Top & Skirt – Emma Mulholland
  8. Lipstick Patch – LilyLoveLock
  9. Smoking Lips Clutch – Luna On The Moon
  10. Cyclops Dress – Discount Universe

Pin Obsession!

Howdy kids!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that FLAIR is EVERYWHERE right now. People are OBSESSED with lapel pins. I decided now would be as good of time as any to do a little roundup of my favorites of¬†#pingame. Next up with be patches!

Which of these are your favorites? Did I leave anyone awesome out? Let me know so I can add to my collection!




1. Pi√Īata Pin¬†by¬†City of Industry

2. Keep Out Pin by Tuesday Bassen

3. Die Pin by Big Bud Press

4. Telephone Pin by Little Arrow

5. C.R.E.A.M. Pin by Jenni’s Prints

6. Yucca Valley Pin by Sidewinder Goods

7. Heart Lolli Pin by Tuesday Bassen

8. Gem Pin by Big Bud Press

9. Lucky Blue Eye by Coucou Suzette

10. Bomb Pop Pin by Valley Cruise Press

11. Xanax ‘Gold Bar’ Pin by Lil Bullies

12. Leather Jacket Pin by Bananna Bones

13. Heart Sunnies Pin by Little Arrow

14. Cigarettes Pin by Rosehound Apparel

15. Toasty Pin by Ghost Goods Happy Feels Co.

16. Capsule Pins by Inner Decay

17. Sad Ghost / Happy Ghost Pins by Sara M. Lyons

April Free Desktop Wallpapers

Hi guys! It’s April, and you know what that means! Here are 3 new wallpaper designs for you to download. These designs I hand-lettered for my soon-to-launch BALLOON collection! (yes you heard that right!) They should be available in the shop within the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can enjoy these light-hearted sentiments on the device of your choice. <3

They will look super rad on your iPad, iPhone or plain ol’ desktop computer. As always, please share, share, share the love with your besties!



macbook-air-bubble-yes macbook-air-whatevermacbook-air-no-fun

‚ÄĒ> Click here to download the Bubble Yes¬†desktop wallpaper

‚ÄĒ> Click here to download the Whatever¬†desktop wallpaper

‚ÄĒ> Click here to download the Gnarly¬†No Fun¬†wallpaper

All graphic design elements and layouts present here were created for, and property of, Little Arrow and should therefore be credited appropriately if reposted. Art within the graphic design elements is copyrighted. Please don’t steal. Thanks!

New Happy Pins Are Here!


Excited to launch these fun little pieces of flair. I’ve been working with Bracket to make them, and I love how they turned out! Each design is hand drawn by me, and laser cut by Alivia using acrylic. I’ve been obsessed and have been wearing¬†them¬†every day. A few times I’ve worn two, and one day I wore three (which even for me was pushing it ha ha). They really do make me happy when I put one on in the morning.¬†Whenever I wear them¬†I get a ton of compliments and people seem to really like them! So I guess I named them appropriately. Let’s take a closer look, ¬†shall we?


Cat Lady! Originally I chose to use black but we were having some hiccups with the acrylic not cutting as nice as we wanted. I’m really happy I switched to white, although the color doesn’t “pop” on the packaging,¬†it really stands out when you wear it. So far this one seems to be the most popular of them all.



Donuts 4-Ever! I’ve worn this one the most out of all the designs, and it looks really cute with pretty much anything. This pin might¬†be tied in popularity with the Cat Lady pin, but it’s too soon to really tell.




Eye Heart U. This was the very first design¬†that spurred the whole idea / collection. I’ve been loving the eyeball / evil eye trend that’s been happening, and it seemed like a no brainer to combine¬†it with a ‚̧¬†and U. I think this is my second favorite.


read-my-lips-aRead My Lips! “Besos” is spanish for “kisses”. The red color is totally killer. Lips are also super hot right now – been seeing¬†them everywhere. This design was originally from a card that I released for Valentine’s Day.

I had some fun designing the backer. Here is what the “instructions” say:

“Directions: to increase happiness and provide a general sense of well-being wear this pin on your blouse, sweater, tote bag, overalls, mu-mu, blazer or anywhere visible to others. Wear twice a week for maximum charm. Dependence may occur if worn more often than instructed. Behavior changes may include extreme optimism and being a total badass. Getting your hustle on is encouraged while wearing this pin.”

Pretty great, right? Shop the whole collection here.

Wishing you guys a super lovey happy crazy fun Valentine’s Day weekend!





Current Obsession: Lilac Hair

Ok, so I have to admit, the wacky bright¬†colored-hair thing hasn’t really been my cup of tea. I guess I sorta feel like “been there, done that”. To explain, at 16 (eons ago)¬†my hair had already been just¬†about every color of the rainbow: clown red, dark purple, cobalt blue, hot pink, clover green etc. All very saturated colors. While brightly hued locks¬†don’t really do it for me now, I definitely¬†appreciate them on others mainly because it reminds me of the 90’s when I was growing up¬†– it was the¬†grunge/rave/goth trend, and errrbody was doing it (and if you weren’t, you just weren’t that cool).

That said, I think the pastel version¬†happening lately can be effing GORGEOUS – when done right of course. I searched high & low¬†and found A TON of really bad versions, as well as models with purple hair that had been photoshopped in (annoying). I did come across a few that I’m pretty sure are the real thing (not photoshopped) and wanted to share with you my favorites.

I love how modern these feel Рfrom crisp pastels to smokey, pale hues that look multi-dimensional, like quartz Рthe result is fresh, complex and maybe even slightly sophisticated.

Now that I’m platinum it would be relatively easy to go pastel (seriously, listen to me, as if¬†I know what I’m talking about) but to be honest I’m a little hesitant to take the jump for fear of how hard it would be to switch back to blonde. My hair is pretty fragile in its current state, I’d be worried that once I got sick of the lilac (which I know would probably happen fairly fast) it would fade to an ugly drab color and then whilst bleaching said drab color¬†out, it wouldn’t lift evenly, or worse, my hair would melt off. ACK.

Would you ever dye your hair a fun color? My trade lies in the creative field, so people almost expect me to look¬†a bit cray, but I totally get that some of you wouldn’t be able to show up for work one day with mint hair – your boss be like, “so fired”.

Whether or not we take the leap into the realm of My Little Pony, we can always gaze dreamily at these beauties. Enjoy.



ps: thanks to the black holes of pinterest and tumblr, I couldn’t find a few of the sources. If you happen to know, please leave in the comments so I can give proper credit. Thx!


1. Sheer neon¬†lilac. Might be a wig but I love the hue. ¬† 2. Smokey lilacy-rose quartz, & 5. smokey grape, both from In The F Row.¬† ¬†3. Ultra pale lilac (couldn’t find the original source). ¬† 4. Messy lilac with streaks of blonde (sorry, another missing source). ¬† ¬†6. Platinum with lilac tips.

February Free Desktop Wallpapers

It’s February already?! I blinked and January was over.¬†Time sure has a way of going into hyperdrive lately… is this just what happens with age? The older you get the faster time passes you by? I never have enough hours in the day, and there is no such thing as boredom anymore. Why didn’t somebody explain this to me when I was younger?!? I might have used my time more wisely and complained less about being bored.

Anyways, I digress!

I present to you February’s free desktop wallpapers. As you probably guessed, the theme is slightly Valentine’s Day-ish.¬†I’ve formatted¬†the designs¬†to look beautiful on any device – whether it’s your desktop monitor, iPhone or iPad. Please download them to every device you own. And please share¬†them¬†with your most favorite people. And please don’t forget to pin them on Pinterest. What I’m saying really is please blab about them to anyone and everyone – the world needs more pretty free stuff in their lives.




‚ÄĒ> Click here to download the Eye Heart U¬†desktop wallpaper

‚ÄĒ> Click here to download the Let’s Make Out¬†desktop wallpaper

‚ÄĒ> Click here to download the Read My Lips¬†desktop wallpaper

All graphic design elements and layouts present here were created for, and property of, Little Arrow and should therefore be credited appropriately if reposted. Art within the graphic design elements is copyrighted. Please don’t steal. Thanks!

New Valentine’s Day + Fave Picks


Whether you hate Valentine’s Day or love it, you gotta admit there is¬†some pretty fun eye candy released this time of year. I mean, the color palette alone (more pink, please) is sure to make you happy in these dreary winter months. I’ve released my new V-day collection¬†of cards & gift tags¬†(view¬†the whole collection here) along with a roundup¬†of my faves¬†from other talented designers.

Even if you don’t have a sweetheart, I still think this holiday is very relevant (chocolate, flowers, and lingerie!) If nothing else it’s a¬†good reason to¬†remind¬†your best gal pals how much they are adored. Because who couldn’t use some words of encouragement every now & then?

What do you think about Valentine’s Day? Hate it? Love it? Tell me why – I’m all ears!




1. Convo Heart Toppers by Bracket

2. DIY Heart Floor Decals by Studio DIY

3. Large Hearts Bowl by Pickle Pottery

4. Tinted Lip Treatment by Anthropologie

5. Read My Lips Card by Little Arrow

6. Pink Heart Stickers by Knot & Bow

7. Classic Heart Studs by Catbird

8. Getaway Duffle Bag by Ban.do

9. Cupid’s Arrow Gift Tags by Little Arrow

10. My Heart On A String Banner by Bracket

11. Red Heart Tip Nails by So Many Lovely Things

12. Sequin Heart Shoe Clips by Ban.do

13. Nouvelle Longline Bra by Huit

Brand New Look for Little Arrow! WAHOO!

I am SO EXCITED to announce the new branding for Little Arrow! This has been a super long process, and I’m happy to report¬†I’m completely satisfied with the results. In the short time span Little Arrow has been in existence I’ve never been in love with my logo – it’s always sorta been only¬†“ok”,¬†mostly feeling¬†like it¬†was¬†lacking something truly special.¬†In the beginning I was still trying to find my sense of self and visual direction in the stationery industry. As time has passed I’ve come to recognize where I fit in and what I want to communicate to the world. Working on your own branding is HARD. I’ve made many logos and brand identity systems¬†for other businesses, and for some reason have always found those to be much easier than designing my own. I think part of it is the outside perspective one can provide when you’re looking at a project with fresh eyes. Sometimes when you’re deep in your own world, and you’re used to seeing it every day, it’s hard to really see what needs to be done in order for people to understand your gig. Because of that I’ve really had to be patient and revisit this project over and over, slowly making tweaks and reanalyzing every single part of it.

It was important to me that my brand identity show the true essence of the products I design, so I made the decision to hand draw the logos, patterns and other matching elements. I wanted the color palette to feel modern, fun and memorable, and I absolutely love how the colors compliment each other. It took some time to come up with the right combination. I added the acid yellow at the very end, and WHA-LA! It really adds confidence and that modern punch of fun I was looking for.

Below is the brand guide for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you check out the updated website, too!

THANK GOODNESS THAT’S OVER AND I WON’T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT A NEW BRAND IDENTITY FOR AT LEAST A DECADE. Onwards to the many important projects on¬†my¬†neverending¬†to-do list!

I’d love to hear your thoughts – do you like the new look?! Please do tell!