Holiday Décor Favorites, Part 1

I’m very practical, so when I buy something I tend to get as much mileage out of it as I possibly can. This applies to holiday decor, I’ve been using the same decorations for 5+ years now. I have been slowly adding a few items bit by bit, but my style has changed so much in the last decade that I’d love to start all over again. I do have a table rented at the next flea market – maybe this will finally be the year I sell all my holiday decor, and with the money buy some fresh new festive pieces (and use them for another half decade?! haha)


First up are my “bright” favorites. While I’d love to have a fresh and bright palette in my home, the whites would never stand up to 2 big dogs and a husband. Soooooooo darks + neutrals it is at home. Luckily my studio is ALL MINE and therefore I can decorate it HOWEVER I want – and if the white couch gets ruined there is no one to blame but myself, heh.

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet? What style and colors do you gravitate towards? xoxo – Brianna

1. DIY Branch Garland (in love with that tree too!)

2. DIY Giant Ornament Balloons

3. Copper Tree Skirt

4. Merry & Bright Holiday Glitter Banner

5. Simple DIY Wreath

6. Cable Knit Pillowcases

7. Magic Wishbone Ornament

8. Sisal (or Bottlebrush) Trees – or, DIY versions here

9. Glass Globe Ornaments

10. Birch Logs