January Free Desktop Wallpapers

HAPPY NEW YEAR! For this months installment of free desktop wallpapers, I decided to keep the designs simple and fresh. The holidays can be so chaotic, which is why I try to de-clutter just about everything in my life this time every year. Last year was EFFING FANTASTIC – and I’m so excited for all the amazing things I get to design this year! In addition to keeping the wallpapers very simple, I also wanted to bring in the optimistic spirit this month seems to give people. I’ve been feeling extra peppy myself lately – my husband and I quit drinking alcohol and eating sugar for the entire month of January, and we have so much more energy! We were feeling gluttonous from overindulging over the holidays. The alcohol was a no brainer (although every day when quittin’ time comes around, the call of the after-work drink is strong… but so far I’ve been good) but the SUGAR is going to be HARD. Sadly I’ve made it a habit to indulge in a sweet snack mid day. I really miss my afternoon mocha… please tell me this gets easier! #firstworldproblems

Hope you had a crazy awesome holiday, and are enjoying your new year thus far. You can download the wallpapers using the links below, and as always, please share these with your favorite people!

Cheers! xoxo



—> Click here to download the Bring It desktop wallpaper

—> Click here to download the January Calendar desktop wallpaper

—> Click here to download the The Best desktop wallpaper

All graphic design elements and layouts present here were created for, and property of, Little Arrow and should therefore be credited appropriately if reposted. Art within the graphic design elements is copyrighted. Please don’t steal. Thanks!