February Free Desktop Wallpapers

It’s February already?! I blinked and January was over. Time sure has a way of going into hyperdrive lately… is this just what happens with age? The older you get the faster time passes you by? I never have enough hours in the day, and there is no such thing as boredom anymore. Why didn’t somebody explain this to me when I was younger?!? I might have used my time more wisely and complained less about being bored.

Anyways, I digress!

I present to you February’s free desktop wallpapers. As you probably guessed, the theme is slightly Valentine’s Day-ish. I’ve formatted the designs to look beautiful on any device – whether it’s your desktop monitor, iPhone or iPad. Please download them to every device you own. And please share them with your most favorite people. And please don’t forget to pin them on Pinterest. What I’m saying really is please blab about them to anyone and everyone – the world needs more pretty free stuff in their lives.




—> Click here to download the Eye Heart U desktop wallpaper

—> Click here to download the Let’s Make Out desktop wallpaper

—> Click here to download the Read My Lips desktop wallpaper

All graphic design elements and layouts present here were created for, and property of, Little Arrow and should therefore be credited appropriately if reposted. Art within the graphic design elements is copyrighted. Please don’t steal. Thanks!