New Happy Pins Are Here!


Excited to launch these fun little pieces of flair. I’ve been working with Bracket to make them, and I love how they turned out! Each design is hand drawn by me, and laser cut by Alivia using acrylic. I’ve been obsessed and have been wearing them every day. A few times I’ve worn two, and one day I wore three (which even for me was pushing it ha ha). They really do make me happy when I put one on in the morning. Whenever I wear them I get a ton of compliments and people seem to really like them! So I guess I named them appropriately. Let’s take a closer look,  shall we?


Cat Lady! Originally I chose to use black but we were having some hiccups with the acrylic not cutting as nice as we wanted. I’m really happy I switched to white, although the color doesn’t “pop” on the packaging, it really stands out when you wear it. So far this one seems to be the most popular of them all.



Donuts 4-Ever! I’ve worn this one the most out of all the designs, and it looks really cute with pretty much anything. This pin might be tied in popularity with the Cat Lady pin, but it’s too soon to really tell.




Eye Heart U. This was the very first design that spurred the whole idea / collection. I’ve been loving the eyeball / evil eye trend that’s been happening, and it seemed like a no brainer to combine it with a ❤ and U. I think this is my second favorite.


read-my-lips-aRead My Lips! “Besos” is spanish for “kisses”. The red color is totally killer. Lips are also super hot right now – been seeing them everywhere. This design was originally from a card that I released for Valentine’s Day.

I had some fun designing the backer. Here is what the “instructions” say:

“Directions: to increase happiness and provide a general sense of well-being wear this pin on your blouse, sweater, tote bag, overalls, mu-mu, blazer or anywhere visible to others. Wear twice a week for maximum charm. Dependence may occur if worn more often than instructed. Behavior changes may include extreme optimism and being a total badass. Getting your hustle on is encouraged while wearing this pin.”

Pretty great, right? Shop the whole collection here.

Wishing you guys a super lovey happy crazy fun Valentine’s Day weekend!