Pin Obsession!

Howdy kids!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that FLAIR is EVERYWHERE right now. People are OBSESSED with lapel pins. I decided now would be as good of time as any to do a little roundup of my favorites of #pingame. Next up with be patches!

Which of these are your favorites? Did I leave anyone awesome out? Let me know so I can add to my collection!




1. Piñata Pin by City of Industry

2. Keep Out Pin by Tuesday Bassen

3. Die Pin by Big Bud Press

4. Telephone Pin by Little Arrow

5. C.R.E.A.M. Pin by Jenni’s Prints

6. Yucca Valley Pin by Sidewinder Goods

7. Heart Lolli Pin by Tuesday Bassen

8. Gem Pin by Big Bud Press

9. Lucky Blue Eye by Coucou Suzette

10. Bomb Pop Pin by Valley Cruise Press

11. Xanax ‘Gold Bar’ Pin by Lil Bullies

12. Leather Jacket Pin by Bananna Bones

13. Heart Sunnies Pin by Little Arrow

14. Cigarettes Pin by Rosehound Apparel

15. Toasty Pin by Ghost Goods Happy Feels Co.

16. Capsule Pins by Inner Decay

17. Sad Ghost / Happy Ghost Pins by Sara M. Lyons