New beginnings


Here. We. Go!

Although I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of having my own blog, I’ve been equally as hesitant for fear of failing. The well known phrase “we’re our own worst enemies” couldn’t be more true for me. I’m known for second guessing myself and obsessing over the littlest of things… What could I possibly write about that would interest people? What if no one reads it? What if I sound stupid? These critical questions & more have run through my mind and were preventing me from moving forward with something I’ve always wanted to do. Such a shame, and so unnecessary.

Little Arrow has been a blessing for me. Starting my own business has been rewarding on many levels, but what stands out the most is the self confidence I’ve gained from running my own show. Being able to call the shots and provide a service that people are not only grateful for – but are willing to PAY you for – has given me an inner strength I had not previously known. It’s actually quite a thrilling feeling. Although I’ve always faked it pretty well, to the point where even my closest friends are surprised when I have a confidence meltdown; those inner voices that used to incessantly pick away at my self worth have quieted over the past year. Little Arrow has been about breaking free of “karmic ties that have bound me to the past”, which is the mantra my astrologer ingrained into my head the year leading up to the launch of my business. Learning to trust my instincts has only come through the positive feedback from clients and small successes of each milestone. Little Arrow is slowly chipping away at my long laundry list of doubts – and I’m gleefully checking each action-item off as it’s completed, another challenge conquered.

Part of running your own business is realizing that there will always be challenges, you’ll never quite make it to the end of that laundry list – which is what makes this adventure exciting. Of course new challenges aren’t always immediately welcomed, admittedly I thrive when learning and growing.

So here we are now – I’m writing my first blog post for Little Arrow. My goal with this blog is to gain the courage needed to form my voice, freely write about anything and everything I care to talk about, and always communicate with sincerity, integrity and honesty – no matter what. If this means I don’t have a million readers, well fine, I’ll be even more appreciative to those that do read. And if it means I’ll look stupid once in awhile, that’s fine too – no one is perfect. I’m willing to become vulnerable in exchange for the act of accomplishment – worrying less about what others think and more about my own personal growth is definitely a most welcome challenge.

So without further adieu…